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What is the defence stategy of the Arachnus-X?
It curles up into a ball which is covered with unbreakable titanium-Steel.
Why do all of the bosses in Metroid Fusion want to kill Samus?
Because the X-parasites took over the boss's bodies, the X-parasites mission is to take Samus's over as well.
What is the Core-X?
A parasite with Chozo Technology that allows it to shoot charge beam and have a spiny cell-wall.
How does the "Jumping Freak-X" glide slowly down through the air?
Its mouth acts as a hot-air baloon. the air goes into the mouth and comes out downward out of gill type slits on its head.
How does Samus break free of the inside of the "Jumping Freak-X"?
By bombing its internal flesh.
What is Serris-X?
A water-dragon with the ability to go ulta-sonic fast that has been killed and brought back to life by the X-parasites.
Why can Serris-X move faster when it was reborn?
All of Serris's bones were left behind when it turned into Serris-X.
What is the Security Bot F-I-X?
The first form of Security Bot taken over by X-parasites.
Why does the Security Bot F-I-X attack Samus?
Obvious! It was taken over by X-parasites.
What is the Varia Core-X?
A Core-X that organicaly prosseced Varia Suit data.
What is the Human Core-X?
A Core-X that has taken over a scientist's body.
What is the Reactor Spider-X?
A huge spider dwelling in the Reactor Core Entrance, taken over by X-parasites.
What is the Vegetation-X?
A source of vegetation taken over by the X-parasites.
What is "Nightmare-X"
A big creature created by scientists for military applications. This creature upgraded by B.S.L.T. has the power to control temperature, which is why the X-parasites took it over.
What is the Security Bot F-II-X?
The Security Bot F-I-X, but with better B.S.L.T.
What is Ridley-X?
A dinosaur type creature that's Samus's enemy taken over by the X-parasites.
What are the SA-X?
When an X-parasite went into Samus's body, and a scientist found a cure to get the parasites out, the Samus Aran-Xs were formed because the parasites had already prosseced her organic data.
What is the Omega Metroid-X?
The strongest Metroid ever to exist so far taken over by the X-parasites.