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Tigris and Euphrates
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers begin in eastern Turkey, flow in a southeast direction, converge in southeast Iraq, and empty in the Persian Gulf. In ancient times, the land between the twin rivers was called the Mesopotamia which was the site of the world's first civilization.
A collection of kingdoms under the power of one powerful ruler.
The ancient Sumerians created this first world writing system. The term means "wedge-shaped." The writing is wedge-shaped because of the type of instrument that was used to create it.
The ancient Sumerians constructed these raised areas of earth in order to control the destructive seasonal flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
After graduating from a Sumerian school, a young man became a ___________, or a writer.
The world's first civilization. It was located in the southern area of Mesopotamia where the twin rivers converged. The people who lived in this area were called Sumerians.
This was how the ancient Sumerians organized themselves. It consisted of the city, the surrounding mud brick wall, and the surrounding farmland.
A Sumerian school where young boys learned reading, writing, and arithmetic.
A temple located in the center of each Sumerian city-state. It housed the city-state's patron god. The term means "mountain of god" or "hill of heaven." Since this was a sacred place, only priests could enter it.
A wedge-shaped instrument made out of reed. The Sumerians wrote on wet clay tablets with this.
The was an acient Sumerians system of watering their crops by using a system of canals.
Mesopotamia means "the land between the rivers" or "the land between the two rivers." This was the site of the world's first civilization, Sumer.
The king of the city-states
One of ancient Mesopotamia's most legendary historial figures. He was a heroical priest-king from the Sumerian city-state of Uruk.