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Another name for Diazepam?
What is the purpose of Diazepam?
What kind of drug is valium?
Antianxiety and sedative hypnotics
What is a nursing intervention for Valium?
Not to increase dose without checking with MD
Avoid abrupt withdrawal
Caution Pt to avoid ETOH, other CNS depressants
Sharing medication is dangerous
What is Vistaril (Hydroxyzine) used for?
What is Vistaril used for?
Preoperative sedation
Hydroxyzine has what properties?
Acts as a CNS depressant - anticholinergic, antihistaminic and antiemetic properties
What are the therapeutic effects of Vistaril?
Sedation relief of anxiety decreased nausea and vomiting, decreased allergic symptoms less pruritis
What is another name for Ativan?
What is lorazepam used for?
Decreased anxiety decreased seizures, sedation
Nursing interventions for Ativan?
Do not increase medication without consulting MD
Do not abruptly withdraw
May cause drowsiness or dizziness
What is another name for VERSED?
What is midazolam used for?
Preop sedation
Patient teachings for Versed
Decrease mental recall of the procedure
What does a pt need to avoid after versed?
Alcohol or other CNS depressants
What does a nurse need to do during versed administration?
Monitor blood pressure and respiration - have resuscitation equipment available
What is another name for phenobarbital sodium
Luminal sodium
What is phenobarbital sodium
Antianxiety and sedative hypnotic
What does phenobarbital do?
Anticonvulsant, perop sedative and short term hypnotic
Nursing indications for Phenobarbital
Take exactly as directed -
Avoid abrupt withdrawal
May cause daytime drowsiness
Do not resume driving till Physician gives clearance
May affect birth control pill hormones