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Robert Flaherty

Made first documentary

Went to the Inuit to record their daily lives.

Documentary called "Nanook of the North"

Documentary trend sparked after WW1

Steve Jobs

- built foundation desktop computers for Apple

- ran Apple and Pixar Animation Studios

- sold Pixar to Disney for 87.4 billion

- iphone, ipad, macbook, ipod

Ian Morrison

helped to create the voluntary organization called "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" that helped Canadians to have access to high-quality Canadian media

Marshall McLuhan

Communication theorist that founded the journal called "Explorations" that analyzed popular media and culture

Tim Berners-Lees

World Wide Web (1989) "changed the world of media"

Susan Zirinsky

-TV news producer

-exploring new forms of TV (webisodes)

-did work with CBS crew on Presidential Campaign Project

Bonnie Fuller

Magazine industry

- turned Flare into the largest fashion magazine in Canada

- Relaunched YM magazine and doubled its circulation

- Is/was in charge of cosmopolitan

- editor for US weekly

- President and Editor-in-Chief for