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What is psb

Public service broadcasters money from the government licence fee or charities

What are commercial channels

Run as a business

Make money for shareholders

Selling advertising space

What do news editors do

Decides news prospects list who follows which stories and news agenda

What do reporters do

Find the story

Write the script

Think of pictures (they tell a story)

May edit their own stories

What do camera operators do

Find and shoot interesting pictures

What do presenters do

Write scripts

Basic editing

Presents the news

What do craft editors do

Complex editing

Special effects

What do designers do

Design and add graphics

Animation to explain stories

What do producers do

Responsible for the whole bulletin and news agenda respond to changes during the day

What do technical operators do

Deal with prerecorded sequences

Complex new packages

What does the director do

In charge while the shown is on air

Instructs everyone

What is continuity

Carries on with a story

What is familiarity

To do with people or places close to home

What is elite persons

Famous or important people


Bad news or sufferings


War fighting or arguments


Sudden or unusual event


Human interest angle or can be shown through how it affects people


Fits the way the institution or audience already thinks

What is the sub-genre of news


Local / regional

Rolling news


Examples of national news

Bbc breakfast

Itv news

Channel 4 news

5 news tonight

Itv news at 10

Examples if local news

Look north


South east today

North west tonight

Example of rolling

Bbc news 24

Example of specialist

Good morning sports fans

Tuesday in parliament


Fyi daily

List the parts of the inverted pyramid

Most important facts


Least important facts

What is the format of tv news bulletin

Credit sequence

Headlines/ introduction

Hard news stories first may be news packages from reporters

Back to the studio



Sign off

End credits


Tv news also communicates through tweets


Style or category

Sub genre

Something more specific in the genre

National news

Broadcasted across the country

Rolling news

News thats repeated

Local news

Based on the local area


The way something is usually done


Written or spoken account of what is happening


Layout of a piece of work

Hard news

News or investigative on serious topic

Soft news

News that deals with light hearted topic


Achiving a common conclusion


A section of the population sharing common characteristics such as age sex class


About attitudes and values categories like survivor social climber care giver explorers


Who like security and routine who like to overcome challanges to stay safe

Social climber

Who like material wealth and status symbols who like to be the best at everything

Care giver

Believe in caring and sharing working together looking after things and people


Interested in personal growth education and social change who might want to change the world for the better or experience life from a different perspective

Entertainment and diversion

Taking you away from your own problems and your own world escapism to give you some excitement and drama in your life

Surveillance and information

Finding out about new places and things helping you to get to know the world and whats happening

Personal identity

Comparing yourself to other people in the news wondering how you would react how you feel about various issues

Personal companionship

Accustomed to the presenters wanting to find out whats happening to people


Divides in the market place

Target audience

Particular group the product is aimed towards

Demographic profiling

Studies od population based on age gender race ect

Psychographic profiling

Dividing market based on personality