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2 cups equals how many pints?
1 pint
3 teaspoons equals how many tablespoons?
1 tablespoon
How many yards in a mile?
1,760 yards
2 pints equals how many quarts?
1 quart
1 pound equals how many ounces?
16 ounces
How many feet in a mile?
5,280 feet
How many inches in a foot?
12 inches
How many feet in a yard?
3 feet
How many inches in a yard?
36 inches
1 yard is how many feet?
3 feet
4 quarts equals how many gallons?
1 gallon
1 foot is how many inches?
12 inches
1 pint equals how many cups?
2 cups
1 yard is how many inches?
36 inches
1 cup equals how many tablespoons?
16 tablespoons
16 ounces equals?
1 pound
1 ton equals how many pounds?
2,000 pounds
2,000 pounds equals?
1 ton
1 quart equals equals how many pints?
2 pints
16 tablespoons equals?
1 cup
1 tablespoon equals how many teaspoons?
3 teaspoons
1 gallon equals how many quarts?
4 quarts