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An abnormal accumulation of potential lymph in the interstitial space due to inflammation/mechanical obstruction is?
Secondary Lymphedema
How is secondary lymphedema differentiated from primary lymphedema?
It is differentiated by the cause of the lymphedema.
What can cause secondary lymphedema?
Mechanical or inflammatory obstruction.
In the TX of secondary lymphedema you would elevate the foot of the bed what degrees?
15-20 degrees
If an infection develops in secondary lymphedema what would be the appropiate TX?
Use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.
What are the complications of untreated secondary lymphedema?
This is a pathological form of coagulation that is diffuse rather than localized.
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)
What can usually cause DIC?
Serious underlying illnesses:
Head injury
Severe tissue injury
Obstetric complications
Spontaneous bleeding from surgical or invasive procedure sites, bleeding gums, and ecchymosis are characteristics of what disease?
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)`
If an abcess occurs in lymphadenitis what is the proper TX?
Incision and Drainage
For severe cases of Lymphangitis what is the proper RX?
PCN G 400,000 units IV q6h
What is the primary RX for TX of Lymphangitis caused by Streptococcus
PCN 250mg po qid
In the TX of Lymphangitis, if the pt. has sensitivity to PCN what alternative RX could be given?
Erythromycin 250mg qid
Hypotension or vascualar collapse during the administration of solutions, blood, or plasma is a sign of what?
Hemolytic transfusion reaction
Petechia, pupura, mucosal bleeding, and epistaxis are all characteristics of what disease?
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
What is a TX for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura?
Administration of Platelet concentrates
What is the TX for Iron deficiency anemia?
Replacement therapy with Ferrous Sulfate 325mg tid
What is a potential side effect of Ferrous Sulfate replacement therapy?
Abdominal surgeries, gastrectomy, blind loop syndrome can lead to what?
Vitamin B12 Deficiency (Cyanocobalamin Deficiency)
What is the hallmark of vitamin B12 deficiency?
Megaloblastic Anemia
Aggressive TX of B12 deficiency can cause death due to what?
This potentially fatal disease can be masked by Vit B12 deficiency and can be unmasked by replacement therapy?
Polycythemia Vera
What can cause an inadequate utiliztion of Folic Acid?
Vit. B12 deficiency
Which Thalassemia has a normal life expectancy requiring no TX?
T. Minor (Alpha)
In regards to human development what is a complication of Thalassemia?
Decreased growth rates, decreased puberty or absent puberty.
This is an inherited disorder transmitted as an autosomal recessive trait that causes an abnormality of the globin genes of hemoglobin?
Sickle Cell Anemia
In Sickle Cell Anemia a transfusion would be required for TX of what?
Life threating events such as sepsis, SEVERE INFECTIONS, cva, organ failure.
This is a inherited disorder that is transmitted as an x-linked recessive trait.
G6PD Deficiency

Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase
Administering Antimalarials or any oxidant drugs to a G6PD deficient pt. could result in what?
Episodic Hemolytic Anemia, Jaundice, Dark urine
An abnormal accumilation of tissue fluid in the interstial space that results from congenital developmenatal abnormalities due to hypoplasia or hyperplastic involvement?
Primary Lymphedema
Administration of the lacking clotting factors is the TX for what?
Hemophilia (depending on type)
What is the TX for mild cases of Hemophilia?
What is a malignancy of the blood forming cells in the bone marrow?
What is the hallmark sign of acute leukemia?
Combination of Pancytopenia and Circulating blast
In lymphoma the consumption of ETOH will cause what?
Immediate pain to the disease area.
A heterogeneous group of disease consisting of neoplastic proliferation of lymphoid cells that usually disseminate throughout the body.
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Describe the progress of nodes in Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Initially rubbery and discrete later become matted
What characteristics will be revealed on a pt. with aplastic anemia
What is the primary tx. for aplastic anemia
Bone Marrow transplant from identical twin or person with human lymphocyte antigen
Anemia is classified on the basis of mean corpuscular volume which is what
What extrinsic defect will cause excessive blood loss in anemia.
What etiological factor will cause deficient erythropoiesis
Aplastic Anemia