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Hyperthyroidism affects what precentage of women at what age range?
2% ages 30-40
Hyperthyroidism affects what percentage of men
How many causes of Hyperthyroidism are there?
In Hyperthyroidism 80-90% of all cases result in which autoimmune disease?
Graves Disease
What is another term for Graves Disease?
In TX of graves Disease what is the SIG for Propanolol?
10mg po increase until threaputic effect is achieved typical dose is 80mg
What is the max dose for Propanolol?
120mg QD
What is required to DX Hyperthyroidism?
Lab confirmation
What is TX for thyroid storm?
Control fluid and electrolytes
Propanolol 30mg po QID
Tylenol 325mg x 2 po Q4
Medevac ASAP
Thyroid storm has a mortality rate of what?
Hypothyroidism risk does what with age?
Hypothyroidism affects what percentage of women?
Hypothyroidism affects what percentage of men?
In hypothyroidism prevalence increases at age 60 to what in both sexes?
6% in women
2.5% in men
How many types of Hypothyroidism?
What are the 3 types of Hypothyroidism?
What is an autoimmune gland dysfunction causing decreased levels of thyroid hormone
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Which Hypothyroidism accounts for greater than 90%?
What are significant general findings in Hypothyroidism?
Loss of outer 1/3 of eyebrow
Cold intolerance
What is another name for Hyperaldosterone?
Conn's syndrome
What is another name for Hypercortisolism?
Cushing syndrome
What is Adrenogenital syndrome?
A hypersecretion of sex steroid
Where is aldosterone secreted from in the Adrenal gland?
Where is glucocorticoid secreted from in the Adrenal gland?
Where is the sex steroid secreted from in the adrenal gland?
What is the cause of 90% of all Hyperadrenalism?
Pituitary Adenomas (Cushing syndrome)
What is the RX for Hyperadrenalism?
Ketoconozole 200mg po Q6 while monitoring liver enzymes.
What is the number one cause of Hypoadrenalism in USN/USMC personnel?
The abrupt cessation of glucocorticoid therapy.
Chronic hypoadrenalism is the leading cause of destruction of what?
The adrenal gland
Chronic hypoadrenalism accounts for what percent of all cases?
In chronic hypoadrenalism it usually appears by age what?
In chronic hypoadrenalism it can cause what type of hemorrhage?
Bilateral adrenal hemorrhage.
When doing a CBC for hypoadrenalism what would be expected findings in acute?
What are the two causes of Diabetes Insipidus?
Neurogenic and Nephrogenic
Neurogenic Diabetes Insipidus is the body falling to produce what?
Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus is caused by what?
Renal tube failing
What is a clinical TX for Diabetes Insipidus?
Daily weight checks.
What is a chronic disorder of carb metabolism, hyperglycemia and glycosuria, from inadequate production or use of insulin?
Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
What is the cause of Type 1 DM?
No production of insulin

Destruction of Pancreas B cells
What is the cause of Type 2 DM?
No reaction to insulin.

tissue insensitive to insulin as a result of obesity.
What percentage of Pt.s have idiopathic Type 1 DM?
90% of all DM cases are a result from which type?
Type 2
Diabetes accounts for what percent of legal blindness?
What is the leading cause of end stage renal disease?
Diabetes Mellitus
Pt.s with which disease process are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease?
Diabetes Mellitus
DM insulin therapy is to maintain blood glucose levels at or above what?
In operational TX of DM Type 1 what is the standard dose of insulin?
.3-.5un/kg/qd sc divided dose

In operational TX of DM Type 2 what is the standard dose of insulin?
1-1.5un/kg/qd sc divided dose
What must be done prior to initiating insulin therapy?
MO consult
What is a life threatening condition resulting from DM from severe insulin deficiency?
Diabetic Ketoacidosis
What is the predominant demographic for DKA
In hyperthyroidism you would expect a decrease in (what), but an increase in (what)?
Decrease in TSH, an increase T4 and free T3.
In hypothyroidism you would expect an increase in (what), but a decrease in (what)?
Increased TSH, an a decrease free T4.
In the clinical tx of hypothyroidism what is the indicated medication?
Synthroid 25-100 mcg/day
What is Synthroid?
Synthetic T4
Central obesity, Plethoric (moon face), muscle wasting extremities, hypertension, skin fragility, buffalo hump, and menstrual irregularities are physical findings of what disease?
Cushing Syndrom (Hypercortisolism)
Inadequate secretion of corticosteroids due to partial or complete destruction of the adrenal glands is defined as what?
Which type of DM has excessive polyuria, PROFOUND weakness and fatigue, polyphagia w/ weight loss, blurred vision, and usually under 30 years old?
Type I
Which type of DM has weakness and fatigue, recurrent excessive blurred vision, excessive vulvovaginitis and pruritus, and excessive peripheral neuropathy?
Type II
What are the expected lab findings in DM?
Fasting blood glucose >126, random blood glucose >200.
In cases of hypoglycemia, what is the indicated operational tx?
Diet, get blood glucose over 80 mg/dl.