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What is an accessory digestive structure located in the bony sockets of the mandible and maxilla?
A tooth
What portion of a tooth is visible above the gum line?
What is the name of the portion of the tooth embedded in the socket?
What is the junction of the crown and root of a tooth?
neck or cervix
What is the primary constituent of teeth?
What is a calcified substance that covers the entire crown of the tooth and protects the dentin?
What is a bone like substance that anchors teeth in sockets by the periodontal ligaments?
What is the term for teeth surfaces that face the lips or cheek?
What describes the surface of a posterior tooth that faces the cheek?
What is the term for the horizontal surfaces of the premolars and molars?
Occlusal surfaces
Patients with a current dental exam who do not require dental TX and are world wide deployable are class what?
class 1
What dental class requires nonurgent dental TX for reevaluation for oral conditions which are unlikely to result in dental emergencies within 12 months?
class 2
Which Pt's require urgent or emergent dental TX, these pt are not world wide deployable?
class 3
Pt's who require a periodic dental exams or with unknown dental class, and are not considered deployable are what class?
class 4
Which type of dental anesthesia is used to provide intraoral anesthesia for pain arising from maxillary teeth?
Which type of dental anesthesia is used to provide rapid relief of pain in all teeth on one side of the mandible and the lower lip and chin?
Mandibular block
What is a relatively minor injury to the tooth-supporting structures w/o abnormal loosening or displacement of the tooth?
What is an abnormal loosening w/o displacement of the tooth?
What is the tx of luxation?
Px control and placement of a splint
Refer for root canal
What type of crown fx involves the enamel and dentin, but not the pulp?
Uncomplicated crown fx
What is the tx for uncomplicated crown fx that is confined to the enamel?
Smooth the sharp edges w/ an emory board and refer to dental asap
Which type of crown fx involves enamel, dentin and pulp?
Complicated crown fx
What is paramount in the management of a mandibular fx?
Protect the airway (always 1st)
Control bleeding
What is a condition in which there are short episodes of px initiated by an external stimulus?
Reversible pulpitis
What condition has sharp, intermittent px caused by temp. changes, biting or other external stimulus and the px will resolve once stimulus is removed?
Reversible pulpitis
What condition presents w/ spontaneous episodes of px that are aggravated by temp. differences and that results from untreated reversible pulpitis?
Irreversible pulpitis
What is the med. term for dry socket?
Local alveolar osteitis
What presents w/ ulcers attached to oral mucosa that can be mild to moderately px'ful and present w/ vesicles on the upper/lower lip that eventually break and crust over?
Intraoral herpes / Herpes labialis
What is the med. term for trush?
A pt. that presents w/ uncomfortable burning sensation in the mouth and throat, on p.e. it reveals white to yellow raised plaques that when scraped off, leave small wounds that bleed slightly has a possible dx of?
Candidiasis (Trush)
(color can be tan/ivory/cream)
What is a term describing a white plaque that does not rub off and cannot be clinically identified as another entity?
What results from a spasm in the masticatory muscles despite a normal TMJ?
Myofascial px syndrome
Pt. that complains of soreness when the facial muscles are palpated and often px and limitation of mouth opening w/ jaw deviation can be dx as?
Myofascial px syndrome
(Refer to dental)
What is a localized purulent inflammation of the periodontal tissues?
Periodontal abscess
A px, edematous, erythemic, shiny, ovoid elevation of the gingival margin that may be found on the exam of what dental condition?
Periodontal abscess