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by running update.exe on a workstation what will happen? What will happen if you run update.exe /slip on the server?
the service packs will be installed on the workstations.
update.exe /slip will alter the installation files in the i386 distro folder for future client installations.
How are service packs installed when slipstreaming?
what command line utility program would you use to see the screen shot with the build and service packs of Windows 2k?
What options does NTFS have that FAT and FAT32 do not?
file level security
disk quaotas
disk compressions
file and folder encryption
What items should you check if Windows 2k failes to start after installation is complete?
Haardware on HCL
All hardware detected
A dependency service failed to start
make sure protocols are correct and computer name is unique on the network.
What command do you use to upgrade a Computer running Windows NT workstation?
Name 4 error logs in Windows 2k for troubleshooting failed installations
What is service pack slipstreaming?
Installing Windoes 2000 with the service pack (s) already applied to the installation files on a CDROM or distrobution folder.
What information does SETUPERR.LOG contain?
details about errors that occurued during setup
What are the min requirements for w2k?
133 mhz Pent,
64 Meg Ram
12 x CD
650 meg HD
video adapter
When a component or service is added or removed, what does W2k do in regard to any service packs installed?
automatically re-retrieves the files from the service pack.
Upgrading can be chosen during installation if you are running what operating systems?
NT 3.5.1, NT4, 95,98
What information does SETUPLOG.TXT contain?
additional information about device driver files that were copied during setup
The winnt32.exe /checkupgradeonly command does what?
Launches the setup program and checks the hardware and software for compatibility. A text file is also created.
What files are replaced when a service pack is added to Windows 2k?
In order to install W2k over a network, what will you need?
A distrobution server with DHCP, and fucntional NIC's.
What information does SETUPACT.LOG contain?
files that are copied during setup
If not formatting with NTFS, how does W2k determine how the partition is formatted?
Over 2 gig =fat32
under 2 gig FAT
What is the most likely problem if Win2k starts, and a failure occures involving a dependency service?
Network card or network protocol.
What are the four stages of Windows 2000 setup?
1- preparing disk and copying files
2-GUI and info gathering
3-Detecting NIC, installing networking software and configuring protocols
4-Start menu items, registering components, saving configuration and removing temp files.
What information does SETUPAPI.LOG contain?
Device driver files copied during setup
What level of secutiry is not available in FAT and FAT32?
File level secutiry
Give an example of a dependency service
like a driver for an adapter being wrong- or the adapter is not on the HCL
What is partitions are reccomended for single boot configurations
What is the most likely cause to look at the SETUPLOG.TXT file?
Device Driver errors.
Do you need to reinslatt service packs after adding or deleting components or services?
What files are replaced with you use update.exe to slipstream?
What are service packs?
updatres for security, bugs
What two ways can the HCL compatibility report be generated?
winnt32.exe /checkupgrade only
You can include a service pack in the distrobution image.
Descirbe the best dual boot configuration.
System partition has to be FAT or FAT 32, other partitions can be formatted with NTFS.
How big is the FAT partition created by Windows NT?
4 gig, also W2k can do this, not in DOS.
The chkupgrd.exe command does what?
it immediately generates a report without launching setup and saves to a text document.
What is partitions are reccomended for dual boot configurations
What happens if you convert FAT or FAT 32 to NTFS using the "convert" command line utility?
Upgraded to NTFS, no data loss
Where is the option to upgrade during the installation process of Windows 2k?
In stage 2- graphical interface and information gathering./
What O/s's can be upgraded to WIN2k?
NT 3.51 and 95/98
Can you deploy service packs using group policies?
W2k can be installed on what kind of partitions?
What is the HCL?
Hadware Compatability List