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Remote access policies can be used in which network environment only?
Native mode domain.
PPTP & L2TP both depend on which protocol to move data?
PPTP & L2TP - which supports header comprssion?
PPTP & L2TP connections - encryption, authentication, both?
PPTP - encryption

L2TP - encryption and authentication
PPTP & L2TP - encryption partners?

L2TP must use IPSec (which can be used alone in tunnel mode but not for a VPN connection)
Maxiumum number of simultaneous connections allowed by initial release of Win 2K?
Default no. of simultaneous connections on VPN server?
5 of each
Default remote access policy says what?
Allow access if dial-in permission is allowed. (This is actually a Deny for all days and times, but won't apply if the user has a permission in their AD User Properties)
Remote Access Policy - default Time of Day settings
All days and times Deny
Win 2K VPN client tries protocols in which order?
LT2P first, then PPTP
Dial out hours on demand dial interface default
Permit all
Netware - Ethernet frame types.

v3.11 and prior, and v3.12 et seq use which frame types?

And which is defaulted to by Win2K when automatic detection is in force and multiple frame types are detected?
3.11 (and before) use 803.2

3.12 onwards use 802.2

Win 2K defaults to 802.2
Which servers support EAP-TLS?
DC or Member Server
MPPE uses keys created by which two types of authentication?
Machine certs are required by which VPN protocol?