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Replacing a numerical expression is called ____ the numerical expression
Numerical Expression
Simply a name for a number
(4+2)(no = sign)
How many variables r in the english language?
A. If n=3, what is the value of the variable n?

B. If x=17 what is the value of the variable x?
A. 3

B. 17
numerical coefficent
the number to the left of the variable.
Variable expression
an expressoin that contains a variable.
A trem is part of an expression that is seperated by a mathmatical ______ such as + or -.
A. What is the numerical coeffcent of 6x?

B. What is the numerical coefficient of 9yz?
A. 6

B. 9
how do u evaluate the value of a variable expression
when we replace each variable in a variable expression by one of it's values and simplify the resulting numerical expressoin we say we r evaluating the expression, or finding the value of the expression.