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what are the three maternal diseases of pregnancy



hyperemesis gravidarm

patients with diabetes that predates the pregnancy are at risk for fetuses with complications like ?(8)

macrosomia (highest risk)


congenital heart and neural tube defects

caudal regression syndrome

gi& gu abnormalities

single umbilical artery

skeletal anomalies

patients with vasculopathy , fetuses may be at risk for


a pregnancy induced hypertension includes ?(2)

preeclampisa and eclampisa

high blood pressure develops with proteinuria or edema is what?

preeclampisa/ toxemia

treatment for preeclampisa/ toxemia

hospitalization , bed rest, fetal biophysical profile, stress test

what is a indication for molar pregnancy


what is a occurrence of seizures or coma in a preeclamptic patient


what is diagnosed in patients in whom high blood pressure is found before 20 weeks of gestation

chronic hypertension

sono findings for chronic hypertension

small placentas because of the effect of the hypertension on the blood vessels,accelerated placental clacification ,IUGR, oligohydraminos

what can hyperemesis gravidarum be caused by

gallstones,ulcers or trophoblastic disease

other maternal diseases

maternal hydronephrosis, adnexal cysts , obesity ,fibroids