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The most durable paintsurface is _____.


Which of the followingconceals the most imperfections in the wall surface?


The person responsible forthe painting specification is _____.

the Designer

The person responsible forthe coordination of the painting work with other work is _____.

the Designer

The person responsible for preparing the surface (patch,tape and spackle, etc.) for paint is _____.A. Painter

the General Contractor

Scratch coat, brown coat,and finish coat are most comparable to _____.

First, Second, and Third Coat

Lath means _____.

-Expanded metal

-Wood slats

-Blue Board

The most appropriate basefor a tiled corridor wall is _____.

Cement Board

Typical thicknesses fordrywall are _____.

1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2", 5/8”

A plaster on wooden lath wall is mostly sound but a 1’ x 1’section moves slightly and sounds hollow.What would you recommend?


A plaster on wooden lath wall is mostly sound but a 5’ x5’ section moves slightly and sounds hollow.What would you recommend?


The best substrate for atiled tub surround is _____.

Cement Board

The following is true of strip-ablewallpaper


Which statement is true ofcommercial wallpaper?


Which statement is true ofpeelable wallpaper?


Which of the following is true of American rolls?

Typically 27" untrimmed

Wallpaper is sold in doublerolls because____?

Repeats need to bepositioned carefully so extra length is required

Breathable versus non-breathable wallcovering has thegreatest impact when specifying theinstallation because___?


If a textured skim coat orheavy-duty and textured wallcovering is to be applied, which level of finishwould be specified for the wallboard and prepwork?

Level 3

A wood sealant that buildsto a thick coat and is waterproof is___?


For a finish that is easily field-repaired and lowtoxicity specify _____.

Conversion varnish

T or F:

Americanand European rolls are the same width but it takes two European rolls tomake up oneAmerican.


T or F:

It's always a good idea to confirm the lengthand width of material before estimatingquantity.


T or F:

“StringPaper” refers to an installation method that insures a level wallpaperinstallation.


T or F:

Grass cloth has actual grass woven and adhered to asubstrate, which is usually paper.


T or F:

Specification-grade paint is more durable andis of higher quality than contractorgrade.


Which of the following is apile fabric with a directional nap?


When cotton fiber is dyed before it is spun into yarn, it is___________dyed.


The most durable construction from those listed below is adensely constructed _____.


_____ Resilient fiber,easily dyed, self-extinguishing, renewable


_____ “Springy” fiber,oleophillic, resists fading even if washed with bleach


_____ Artificial silk, responds to changes in moisture inatmosphere, made from wood or othersource of cellulose


_____ Bast fiber with crisp hand, wrinkles and respondsnoticeably to changes in humidity byexhibiting “yo-yo” or “accordion” effect


_____Good dimensional stability. Resists abrasion, will notpleat, frequently used as a fiber in ablend.


_____ Resilient fiber, imitates wool but less expensive, canbe combined with wool, fade-resistant ifsolution dyed.


_____Abrasion-resistant fiber frequently selected forhigh-use commercial upholstery


T or F:

All man-made fiber comesfrom petroleum.


Which of the followingcharacteristics will combine to produce the most durable fabric?


Dotted swiss _____.

-Is produced by clipping adot/spot weave

-Is produced by flocking

-Has a plain-weave ground

A burn-out fabric _____.


T or F:

Chenille yarn is typicallya 3-ply spun yarn.


T or F:

To determine how much leather to estimate, multiply plainyards of 54” wide fabricrequired by 18.


Calendaring _____.

-Imparts a luster by flatteningthe fiber

-Imparts a moiré pattern

-Is not permanent if the fabricis not cared for properly or if it gets heavy use

Which of the following is a truly reversible pocket clothhaving one side the exact opposite of theother?


T or F:

The durability of a fabric depends on the fiber chemistry,the characteristics of theyarn, the kind of weave, and the finishing processes and noton the fiber chemistry alone.


Durability rating _____.


Open line prints___?


The most fade-resistantfabrics _____.


The difference betweennubuck and suede is _____.


Top grain leather _____.

Has had its surface removedand has been embossed to provide texture

Full grain _____.

Displays the naturalcharacteristics of the hide

Most carpet sold today is producedby what method?


To produce a very tailored look for the leastcost on a straight run of stairs, you would specify _____.


To position a motif in thesame place on each step or to carpet curved steps, you would specify _____.

Cap and Band

A fiber most similar towool is _____.


If it is true that thedyeing method indicates resistance to fading from sunlight, what method would bemost resistant to fading?

Solution Dyeing

If initial appearance ofthe installation is most critical, the most important consideration for the seamingdiagram will be _____.

Proximity of seams towindows and furniture location

If durability of theinstallation is critical, the most important considerations ___.

Traffic patterns anddirection of traffic

When considering stain-resisting properties of carpet fiberfor an installation, the most importantconsiderations will be _____.

The dying method andfugitive pigments

Pitch and stitch are similar in that they are both _____.

Carpet construction methods

Which of the following willcontribute to the face weight of the carpet?


In carpet construction, ply refers to _____.

the number of yarns twistedtogether

To insure the moststability in the carpet installation, you would specify _____.

Glue down

"Generation” refers to_____.


Wool is most superior to all other carpet fibers in its_____.


The diameter of a carpetyarn is measured in _____.


Side match refers to _____.

Pattern registration acrossthe goods

Which of the followingchoices is most true?

Polypropylene feels waxy and is usuallysolution dyed, nylon is the most abrasion resistant, wool self-extinguishes.

Which of the following statements is the most accurate?

Seagrass is a smooth fiber,usually flat-woven, resists stains, is difficult to dye

One of the results oftufted construction is that _____.

The secondary backing lendsdimensional stability so if the carpet delaminates it will lose itsstability, which this shows up first as wrinkles.

Axminster, velvet, and Wilton are _____.

-Kinds of woven goods

-Easily woven with intricatecolored patterns

-Traditionally made on narrowlooms so some products still come in narrow widths

Measurable characteristicsof carpet include _____.

-Appearance retention

-Soil propensity

-Tuft bind

Carpet padding may be specified because _____.

It can extend the life of thecarpet by allowing the vacuum to work more efficiently

T or F:

Options for materials for area rugs include diversefilaments ranging from rags tometal to leather.


T or F:

Custom rugs are best ordered with a verbal description anda rough sketch of apattern.


T or F:

Artisans working in theUnited States produce custom area rugs.


T or F:

If your corner sample for your custom rug order does notdisplay the patternaccurately, you must reject it.


Blueprint,sequence, and warehouse designate _____.

Kind of matching between panels

The main differencehighlighting blueprint versus sequence and warehouse matching is _____.

Blueprint uses a defined pattern and sequence or warehouse match israndom

Which ofthe following characteristics of the installation or material would beconsidered whentrying todecide if the job should be blueprint matched or sequence matched?

--Is the species very visuallyconsistent from one lot to another so an acceptable match is likel

--Can the panels be cut and laidout in an acceptable presentation given the dimensions of theroom

--Are there budget constraintsprohibiting blueprint matching

One benefit of using anengineered substrate instead of solid wood for paneling is that it is _____.

Less Expensive

T or F:

Floors wider than 3” areplanks.


Book match can be describedas _____.

Mirror image pattern

Quarter-sawn can bedescribed as _____.

Straight grain with flake

“Select” and “better” designates _____.

Quality of wood

How is wood flooringpriced?

Square foot

In the above diagram, the
main difference between A and D will be _____.

In the above diagram, themain difference between A and D will be _____.

Grain pattern

Floating floors are _____.

-Often specified for soundabatement

-Usually laminated

-Held in place by gravity