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What is a hemisphere?
Half of a sphere, such as a ball or globe; a half of the Earth.
What is a boundary?
A border, or one of the outside edges of a place.
What is "map scale"?
It compares distance on a map with distance on the ground.
What is "relative location"?
The location of place in terms of where it is in relation to one or more other places on the Earth. Example: NC is in the Southeast of the US
What is a compass rose?
A direction marker that shows the cardinal, or main, directions.
What are intermediate directions?
The directions between the cardinal directions - northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest
What is a map title?
The map title tells what the map shows.
What is the equator?
An imaginary line that circles the Earth halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole. The line that divides the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.
What are lines of longtitude?
North-South lines on the globe drawn from the North and South Poles - they are farthest apart at the Equator.
What is an inset map?
A small map within a larger map.
What are Lines of Latitude?
East-West lines drawn on the globe. They are always the same distance apart and thus are called "parallels".
What is a Locator?
A small map or globe that shows where the place on the main map is located in a state, country, continent or the world.
What is a continent?
The largest land masses represented on a map - North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antartica
What is a Grid?
Lines that cross each other to form a pattern of squares.
What is the Prime Meridian?
The starting point for measuring longtitude. Passes near London, England.
What is "absolute location"?
Exact position on the earth, using longtitude and latitude to describe this location.
What are cardinal directions?
North, South, East and West
What is a symbol?
Something that stands for something else.