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Abdicate (v.)

Formally give up the throne.

Abhor (v.)

Detest, regard with disgust, to dislike someone very much.

Abjure (v.)

Give up, renounce; repudiate, recant or shun.

Affectation (n.)

Fake behavior.

Aggrandize (v.)

Make greater , exaggerate

Archaic (adj.)


Complacent (adj.)

Self satisfied, smug; overly content therefore lazy or neglectful

Concur (v.)

Approve, agree

Countenance (n, v)

Facial expression or face; approve or tolerate

Cynical (adj.)

Bitterly pessimistic

Deleterious (adj.)

Harmful, unhealthful

Disposition (n.)

A person's general or natural mood; tendency

Dissent (v, n)

Disagree or take an opposing view

Dogma (n.)

Established belief

Eccentric (adj.)

Peculiar, odd, deviating from norm

Eschew (v.)

Shun, avoid, abstain from

Fathom (v.)


Fidelity (n.)

Loyalty, Faithfulness.

Foreshadow (v.)

Indicate or suggest beforehand

Forfeit (v.)

Surrender or lose as a result of an error, crime.

Gauche (adj.)

Tactless, lacking social grace, awkward, crude

Glib (adj.)

Fluent and easy in a way that suggests superficiality or insincerity

Haven (n.)

Harbor or port; safe place

Imminent (adj.)

Ready to occur , impending , (immediate)

Inform (v.)

Inspire, animate

Intelligible (adj.)

Able to be understood, clear

Intrepid (adj.)

Fearless, brave, enduring in face of adversity SYN. Hardy

Lampoon (n, v)

a piece of writing, a cartoon, etc., that mocks or makes fun of a well-known person or thing

Languid (adj.)

Drooping from exhaustion , sluggish, slow ; lacking in spirit SYN. Lassitude

Mendacious (adj.)

Lying, habitually dishonest

Mores (n.)

Customs, manners or morals of a particular group

Objective (adj.)

Related to reality, factual; not influenced by emotions, unbiased

Paradigm (n.)

Model or pattern ; worldview , set of shared assumptions

Paradox (n.)

Seeming contradiction that is actually true

Patent (adj, n)

Obvious, apparent , plain to see

Pith (n.)

Core, essence ; significance or weight

Precarious (adj.)

Unstable, insecure, dangerous

Prodigious (adj.)

Extraordinarily large, impressive

Repudiate (v.)

Reject, cast off, disown, disavow

Requite (v.)

Reciprocate, repay or revenge

Rhetoric (n.)

Bombast, language that is pretentious but actually empty, meaning little

Sagacious (adj.)

Wise; showing good judgment and foresight

Solicitous (adj.)

Concerned, very careful

Stoic or stoical (adj., n)

Indifferent to pleasure or pain; person indifferent to pleasure or pain

Surfeit (n.)

Excess, excessive amount, Overindulgence

Surmise (v.)

Guess, infer or make an opinion with incomplete information

Timorous (adj.)

Fearful, timid

Torrid (adj.)

Very hot, parching, burning; passionate , SYN. Fervid, Ardent

Unseemly (adj.)

Indecent, inappropriate

Canonical (adj.)

Authorized, recognized

Cartography (n.)


Coalesce (v.)

Come together

Complacent (adj.)

Self-satisfied, smug; overly content and therefore lazy, neglectful

Construe (v.)

Interpret or translate

Countenance (n, v)

Facial expression or face (n.); approve or tolerate (v.)

Credulous (adj.)

Gullible; prone to believing or trusting too easily without enough evidence.

Debunk (v.)

Refute, expose, ridicule or disprove.