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racist policies of South Africa aimed at separating blacks and whites. examples of Apartheid are black people had to carry I.D with them anywhere they went, Whites and blacks couldn't marry. Black people could not vote.

African national Congress/ANC

Group made up primarily of Black Africans whose goal was to get rid of Apartheid and fight for greater rights for Blacks in a country controlled by racists whites.

Nelson mandela

A black south African who joined the ANC who wanted to get equality for all people living in south Africa. the white government had him arrested where he spent over 40 years of his life in a variety of different prisons. Eventually Nelson mandela becomes the first Black president of south Africa in the early 1990's


in the 1500's-1800's European countries began colonizing parts of the world. Taking over less powerful countries and stealing their resources. South Africa and India were both former colonies of Great Britain.

Mohandas Gandhi

Indian man who lived at a time when his country was controlled by the British. he would speak out against British rule making it difficult for the British to control India.

Civil Disobedience

Gandhi believed in disobeying British rule but not getting violent. For example he told Indian people stop buying British clothing, make your own clothes, which millions dead, Britain lost money. Another example Britain passed a tax on salt making it cost more money for Indians to buy salt, so Gandhi led thousands of people to the ocean and taught them how to make salt out of the saltwater in the ocean.

India and Pakistan

eventually the British lost so much money because of Gandhi they gave India its freedom in 1947. India continued to have problems between Muslims in the country and Hindus. eventually India broke up into two countries Muslim controlled Pakistan, and Hindu controlled India.


the creating of a country from an already existing country. example Pakistan was created out of India.