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What was japans position in the 1920s?

Was a major international power. It secured all of germanys possessions in China and the northern pacific.

What did most governments favour in Japan?

International cooperation and peacful resolutions of conflicts between nations.

What triggered manchuria?

Japan was very disappointed with its gains from WWI and favoued expansion. The onset of the great depression hit japan hard. Terroritorial expansion would provide Japan with the materials it lacked.

Why was china an easy target?

China was unstable and volatile

Who were mainly radical nationalists in Japan?

The army

When did Manchuria happen?

September 1931

What happened?

Units of the Japanese army took control of points in Manchuria. The government didnt stop the army. China appealed to the league of nations.

Why is Manchuria significant?

The first real challenge by a major power to the new international order.

What did the LON do?

Set up a commission under Lord Lytton. He spent many mobths there before issueing his final report in 1932. It declared the actions justified but condemned the methods.

What did the report recommend?

Manchuria should be semi autonomous under chinese supervision. As a result japan left the league