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measuring actual performance

the first step in the control process process

if a manager investigates how and why performance has deviated beyond an acceptable range of variation, and the corrects to source of the deviation, she is using this

basic corrective action

a measure of how appropriate organizational goals are and how well the organization is achieveing those goals


this approach to performance measurement was introduced as a way to evaluate organizational performance from more than just the financial perspecive

the balanced scorecard

kelly interacts directly with the employees in the work area to identify problem areas. she works with various departments to obtain a holistic idea of the business. this type of direct supervision is an example of

concurrent control

this kind of departmentalization would be in place in a government organization where different public service responsibilities are divided into activities for employees, children, and individuals with disabilities.

customer departmentalization

the greater the envirometal uncertainty, the more an organization need to become____


the four contigency variable on which an organization's structure depends

strategy, size, technology, and environmental uncertainty

catherine is the head go her unit and new haven hospital. the fact that her signature is required on all documents and her word is the last word on all decisions related to her until suggests that the hospital has the type of structure


In an attempt to reorganize, GM divided its assembling-line activity into separate job tasks. individual employees were trained to become specialists in specific tasks rather than the entire activity. the company has adopted this

work speciaization