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Four traits mammals inherit from their parents are
fur or hair, use lungs to breathe, usually give birth to live young, and feed their young with milk made by the mother's body.
What color is the skin of a polar bear?
Why is the color of the skin of a polar bear black?
The black skin helps take in heat from the sun.
What color is the fur of a polar bear?
It looks white but it's really clear.
Why does the fur of the polar bear look white?
The fur looks white because it reflects sunlight.
Mammals are classified into groups base on _______
Traits they share.
What trait do all bats share?
All bats have wings and they can fly.
Some traits that are used to classify mammals into groups are?
The presence of wings, trunks, and pouches.
Five traits of birds are:
they have feathers, two legs and wings, they have lungs, and bear young that hatch from eggs.
What is the larges bird?
What is the smallest bird?
Humming bird
True or False: All birds use their wings to fly
What birds do not fly?
True or False: The shape of a birds beak can be used to tell what the bird eats
What can the shape of a birds feet tell you?
It tells where it lives.
Give examples of mammals and their traits...
What are four traits of an amphibian:
lay eggs, begin life in water and later move to land, they breathe with gills then with lungs, and they have moist skin.
What are the traits of a fish:
fish are covered in scales, live whole lives in water, breathe with gills, and most fish lay eggs.
True or False: All fish lay eggs
Traits of reptiles:
they are land animals that have dry skin covered with scales, they breathe with lungs, and many hatch from eggs laid on land.
What word is used to describe the changes in frog as it develops?
The 3 main groups of reptiles are:
lizards and snakes; alligators and crocodiles; tortoises and turtles
Give examples of birds and their traits...