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What is the weight of the M9 pistol with an empty magazine?
33.86 ounces
Describe the M9 pistol.
A 9mm, semiautomatic, double-action, recoil-operated, magazine-fed, hand-held weapon
Describe the magazine for the M9.
A standard staggered box magazine designed to hold 15 rounds
What is the weight of the M9 pistol with a 15 round magazine?
40.89 ounces
What Field Manual covers the M9?
FM 3-23.35
Name the 3 safety features on the M9
1. Manual safety
2. Firing pin block
3. Half cock
What are the major groups that make up the M9?
1. Slide assembly
2. Barrel assembly
3. Receiver assembly
4. Recoil spring and guide
5. Magazine assembly
What is the maximum range of the M9?
1800 meters
What is the maximum effective range of the M9?
50 meters