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knife and fork chili burger
7 oz hamburger char grilled, then covered with lvady's chili, cheddar cheese and green oniions. served over a bed of mashed potatoes
rotisserie roasted chicken
marinted in citrus juices, soy sauce and other secret ingredients. tender and moist, served with mashed potatoes and chicken au jus and VOD. 2 chicken breast on bone
barbequed Baby back ribs
slwo roasted all night. over 8 hours. danish ribs, basted with our bbq sauce.
catch of the day
6 oz portion of fresh fish (mahi, tuna, grouper, swordfish, mackerel, salmon) prepared grilled, blackend, broiled, or island style with choice of starch and VOD
seafood lasagna
shrimp and fresh fish in a cheese lasagna cooked with homemade tomato cream sauce
coconut shrimp late
7 shrimp served with french fries and homemade slaw. orange marmalade sauce for dipping
popcorn shrimp late
7 oz of shrimp lightly breaded and fried served with FF and coleslaw
fried seafood platter
fresh fish shrimp and soyters breaded with our seafood breading. served w/FF and colesalw
lump crab cake
blend of lump crabmeat and very littel breading dleicately baked in butter. served over beans and rice with VOD