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What are tarsals?
bones of the hind part of the foot
What are the carpals?
How many are there?
wrist bones
two rows of 4 bones
What is the clavicle?
How many are there?
collar bone
What are the metatarsals?
bones of the midfoot
What is the patella?
What is the tibia?
What is it commonly called?
largest of 2 bones of the lower leg

shin bone
What is the femur?
thigh bone
What is the radius?
lower arm bone (in line with the thumb)
What is the olecranon?
elbow bone
What are the metacarpals?
How many?
bones of the palm of the hand
5 of them
What is the ulna?
lower arm bone
What are the phalanges of the toes?
bones of the forefoot
(similar to the hand)
What is the fibula?
smaller of the 2 lower leg bones
What are the phalanges?
(singular: phalanx)
finger bones
What is the humerus?
upper arm bone
What is the scapula?
How many?
shoulder blade
How many pairs of ribs are there? There are three different names for ribs 1-7, ribs 8-10 and ribs 11-12. What are the names of each of these?
12 pairs of ribs.
1-7 are true ribs.
8-10 are false ribs.
11-12 are floating ribs.
What is the plevic girdle (pelvis)?
The pelvic bone is composed of 3 pairs of fused bones; what are their names?
hip bone
ilium, ischium, pubis
What is the sternum?
How many?