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arrangement of scenery and stage properties in aplay/film


the art of filming including: framing, shotduration, and photographic aspects

Editing (Montage)

selecting and piecing together sections of thefilm

beginning of Sweetland where clips are pieced together


speech, music, noise, and acoustic properties ina film


sound that occurs within film, play, etc.


outside sound


extended fiction prose although can be short,non-fictional, written in verse, and some do not even tell a story

Point of View

position or vantage point from which the eventsof a story seem to be observed and presented to us

Winter’sBone in third person but provided many of her thoughts so seemed first person


general term for invented stories


pattern of events or situations in a narrativeor dramatic work (emphasizes relationships) between incidents and to elicit aparticular kind of interest in audience


any narrative or tale recounting a series ofevents; sequence of imagined events that we reconstruct form the actualarrangement of narrative or dramatic plot


a mode of writing that gives the impression ofrecording or reflecting faithfully an actual way of life; instead of takingheroic, royal figures as the subject of drama, realist playwrights turned theirattention to the social issues and concerns of the middle class, reflectingmore the experiences of the audiences watching the plays


not mainstream, localized kind of literature,Woodrell, does labeling something regional make it inferior; regional becauseof writer lives or what its about

Flash Fiction

fictionthat is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer in itsentirety


theadvocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economicequality to men


refersto the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities, and attributes that agiven society considers appropriate for men and women


a family, group, or governmentcontrolled by a man or a group of men


is the belief thatpeople fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) withnatural roles in life. It asserts that heterosexuality is the only sexualorientation or only norm, and states that sexual and marital relations are most(or only) fitting between people of opposite sexes.


a body ofunreasonable dogmatic claims asserted by radical intellectuals; a body ofunacknowledged yet fundamental assumptions made about the world by everybodyexcept radical intellectuals


leadership or dominance, especially by onecountry or social group over others


the major divisions into which some plays arebroken comprising of one or more scenes


in a drama, a subdivision of an act or play notdivided into acts, represents actions happening in one place at one time


A pause in a play, either denoted by theplaywright or implied, that signifies a change in the plot’s movement oremphasis in the narrative; another way of thinking about a beat is that itmarks an informal shift in the direction of the play

Mamatells Christian she’s ruined, silence right before after fighting


the way in which a director directs the actorsto move within a given scene; arrangement of lines of verse into a continuoussequence that is not divided into stanzas or verse paragraphs


choosing of actors to play a specific role

a. extended speech of a particular narrator withthematic or symbolic importance within a play
spoken exchanges between or among characters ina dramatics or narrative work


sequence of events which happen to constitutethe story of a play

prwhat happens in a play literally (physicalmovement) and figuratively (advancement of plot) – action on the stage


physical objects used on the stage with symbolicsignificance or create a seeming realness of the world of the play


relationship between texts through allusion,plagiarism, or quotation (negative)


applied to visual arts, literature, or music(positive); Work that imitates or style or character of one or more artists;Doesn’t necessarily reference a certain work within the work but sort of fusedtogether


implies that there is a standard centrallanguage that is better


refers to human reaction to a threatened breakdown in meaning caused by a loss in distinction between subject and object orself and other (hard boundary)