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If someone or something is --------- they are not where you expect them to be, and you cannot find them
bring up
To -------------a child means to look after it until it is grown up.
If you -------------- a particular subject, you introduce it into a discussion or conversation.
tell apart
know which was which).
If you are --------- a building, place, or country, you are not in it.
When a vehicle --------- or when you accidentally ------- it, the engine stops suddenly.
Your ------------- is your physical energy and ability.
Your --------- are your good qualities and abilities.
calm down
If you --------- or if someone -----you ------, you become less upset, excited, or lively.
Something that is ------------- is suitable or acceptable for a particular situation
If something is ------------, you can use it or obtain it
Someone who is ------------ is not busy and is therefore free to talk to you or spend time with you
be in trouble
someone is ------------when they have broken a rule or law and are likely to be punished.
pull through
If you ------------ a serious illness or if the doctor ------- you ---------, you recover from it.
give birth
When a woman gives birth, she produces a baby from her body.
pick up
When you ----------- something or someone, you collect them from somewhere
drop off
If the driver of a vehicle ------you --------somewhere, he or she stops the vehicle and you get out.
grow up
When someone ----------, they gradually change from being a child into being an adult.
If you are out, you are not at home or not at your usual place of work.