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What does light mean

A form of energy which travels in waves

What does light waves mean

The way light travels

Which direction does light travel in

In a straight line

What does reflection mean

Where you look in something and you can see yourself in it

What are some light sources

Sun, torch, fire, battery

What CAN'T you see through

Opaque objects

What do you create when you shine a torch at an opaque object

A shadow

True or false, a shadow will get larger when you shine a torch closer to an opaque object


What do you see light through

Your eyes

Is it possible to split white light

It is possible because of the refraction in the glass prism

Who invented spectrum

Sir Isaac Newton

What does refraction mean

When something bends

Which tool can be used to separate white light in to different colours

A glass prism

The colours that make up white light are called.....

Visible spectrum

What do light rays do as they pass from one transparent object to another

They bend

What does lens do

Reflects light

Reflection happens when light strikes and then ..... a surface

Bounces off

The law of reflection involves two light rays what are they

Incoming and outgoing

What three things can light travel through

Air, water and outer space

What is the material which light can pass through but will be scattered in different directions