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publicus -a -um
[belonging to the people , public]
arma -orum n. pl.
[defensive arms , armor, weapons of war];
sacrifico -are
[to sacrifice].
liberi -erorum and -erum m. pl.
vester (voster) -tra -trum
[your , yours].
adulescentulus -i m.
[a young man].
couldnt find defintion
ask teacher
oppidum -i n.
[a town];
tertius -a -um
[third]; acc. n. sing. tertium , [for the third time]; abl. tertio, [for the third time, thirdly].
bellum -i n.
(old form , duellum), [war, fighting];
scribo scribere scripsi scriptum
[to engrave , draw lines, write, write on, write about];
templum -i n
-a sanctuary, asylum; a place dedicated to a deity, a shrine, temple
verus -a -um
true , real, genuine; truthful, veracious; just, reasonable].
corium -i n.
[hide , skin, leather; a leather thong, strap].
atque and ac
[and , and also, and indeed]. In comparisons: of similarity, with such words as aequus or idem, [as]; of difference, with such words as alius or secus, [than, from].

sportula -ae f.
[a little basket; a dole , given by the great to their clients].
capio capere cepi captum
[to take]. (1) in gen. , [to take, seize];
deus -i m.
[a god , deity];
mitto mittere misi missum
[to send , dispatch; to send as a gift; to fling; to shed; to utter; to let go, release, give up; to dismiss, discharge; to pass over]
latus ];
(1) -a -um [broad , wide, extensive
curro currere cucurri cursum
[to run , hasten];
atrium -i n.
[the hall or entrance in a Roman house , temple or public building].
facio facere feci factum
(the pass. is fio; q.v.). Transit. , [to make, form, do, perform];
populus (1) -i m.
[a people , political community, nation];
accedo -cedere -cessi -cessum
[to approach , come near];
auxilium -i n.
[help , aid, assistance];
defendo -fendere -fendi -fensum
(1) [to repel , repulse, ward off, drive away] (2) [to defend, protect];
nuntius -i:
(1) [a messenger].
ago agere egi actum
[to set in motion , drive
concordia -ae f.
[agreement , union, harmony].
gero (1) gerere gessi gestum.
Lit. (1) [to carry , bear]; esp. [to wear].
officium -i n.
[dutiful or respectful action; attendance , service, duty; sense of duty, respect, courtesy; submission, allegiance].
appello (1) -pellere -puli -pulsum ,
[to drive to, bring to, apply];
causa (caussa) -ae f.
[a cause] , in all senses of the English word. (1) [a reason, motive, pretext].
invenio -venire -veni -ventum
[to come upon , find, meet with, discover; to invent, devise; to procure, get, earn];
tablinum -i m.
adoro -are
[to speak to]; esp. [to address]
dea -ae f.
incipio -cipere -cepi -ceptum (cf. coepi)
[to take in hand , begin, commence];
aequus -a -um
accipio -cipere -cepi -ceptum
[to take , receive, accept].
caper -pri m.
maturo -are transit.
[to make ripe , ripen; to quicken, hasten, accelerate; to anticipate, do too soon];
feriae -arum f. pl.
[festivals , holidays].
pulcher -chra -chrum and pulcer -cra -crum
[beautiful , lovely];
flagellum -i n.
[a whip , scourge; the thong of a javelin; a young sprout, vine-shoot];
munio (moenio) -ire
[to build , esp., to build a wall];
secundus -a -um (1)
[going after , second, following; inferior, second-rate].*
ferio -ire
[to strike , knock, smite, hit];
cedo (1) cedere cessi cessum
[to go , proceed]:
as adv. , [also, even]; as conj., [and; and indeed]; in narrative, [and then]; occasionally adversative, [and yet]; after alius, idem, par, [as or than]; repeated, [both....and...]; so; nec (neque), [not only not....but]
excedo -cedere -cessi -cessum intransit. ,
[to go out, go away, pass out];
exspecto -are
[to look out for , wait for, await, wait to see (esp. with longing, fear, desire, etc.); to hope for, dread].
venio venire veni ventum
[to come];
debeo -ere -ui -itum
[to owe].
peto -ere -ivi and -ii -itum
[to make for , go to; to attack, assail; to seek, strive after; to ask for, beg, request, demand];
pono ponere posui (posivi) positum (postum) ]
[to lay , put, place, set; to put in place, settle; to put aside, lay down, discard; to lay to rest, lay out for burial
rego regere rexi rectum
[to guide , direct; to rule, govern, administer