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Me gustaria
I would like
I want
mi casa es su casa
my house is your house
It's necessary to give me
Es necasario darme
It's necessary to give me it
Es necesario darmela
It's necessary to give me it because it's important
Es necesario darmela porque es importante
It's necessary to give me it because it's important to rent it.
Ex neceasario darmela porque es importante rentarla.
It's impossible to speak
Es imposible hablar
It is difficult to use
Es dificil usar
It's important to work
Es importante trabajar
It's necessary to practice.
Es necesario practicar
It's necessary to give.
Ex necesario dar.
It's impossible to rent.
Es imposible rentar.
It's difficult to work.
Es dificil trabajar.
It's easy to practice.
Es facil practicar.
I must help.
Tengo que ayudar.
I must study.
Tengo que estudiar.
I want to pay.
Quiero pagar.
She wants to fill out.
Quiere llenar.
He has to (must) buy.
Tiene que comprar.
I would like to help.
Me gustaria ayudar.
house door window

table chair kitchen

light shower bedroom
casa puerta ventana

mesa silla cocina

luz ducha alcoba
It's necessary to use the light
Es necesario usar la luz
It's impossible to rent the house
Es imposible rentar la casa
She wants to study it.
Quiere estudiarla.
Is it possible to give me the chair?
Es posible darme la silla?
I must study it.
Tengo que estudiarla.
I want to use the kitchen.
Quiero usar la cocina.
I would like to buy a window.
Me gustaria pagar una ventana.
In the house with a light.
En la casa con una luz.
In the shower
En la ducha
On the door
En la puerta
In my house
En me casa
I'm sorry
Lo siento.