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Cell Membrane

A thin, flexible barrier that surrounds a cell and controls which substances go into and out of the cell.

Cell Wall

A rigid supporting layer that surrounds the cell of plants and some other organisms


a gel-like fluid inside a cell that supports and protects the cell's organelles


the power house of the cell

convert food into energy

the site of cellular respiration


a large oval shaped organelle that contains the cell's DNA and controls the cell's activities


produce proteins in the cell


a sac-like organelle that stores water, food, and other materials

Golgi apparatus

works closely with the smooth and rough ER to package materials in the cell

Smooth and Rough E.R.

(Endoplasmic Reticulum)

works with the ribosomes to help make and transport proteins and other substances


Found in plant cells, these organelles are the site of photosynthesis which is the process plants use to make energy from sunlight

Name 2 organelles found in plants but not animals

chloroplasts and cell wall

Name 2 organelles usually only found in animal cells not plant cells

centrioles and lysosomes