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Leptospirosis is endemic in _______ regions.

tropical - scene is a surfer's oasis

Leptospirosis is _______-shaped and ________-______- shaped.

spiral; question-marked

Leptospira is found in _____ _______ and gets into the water we swim in... so its associated with ______ _______.

animal urine; water sports (surfing!)

Clinical features?

Fever, conjuntival suffusion in early infection.

What is leptospirosis in its most severe form?

Weil's disease. (Whale)

Leptospira travels through the ___________ and can affect many different organs. Which are the big ones to remember?

bloodstream. Kidneys and Liver -> Renal dysfunction and jaundice from liver damage.

If someone is a log-roller in WI and comes in with a fever and azotemia, what are you going to think of?

Not Lepto! History tells you it can't be.. its probably just a kidney infection from something else.

What is conjunctival suffusion?

resembles conjunctivitis but doesn't involve inflammatory exudates... so Redness of the conjunctiva but no exudate... swelling around the palpebral fissures