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One advantage for charging fees to recreation facilities and services listed in the book is allowing more people to recreate.
One of the leading federal agencies with respect to outdoor recreation is the National Park Service. The NPS is housed under what federal department?
Department of the Interior
Outdoor recreation can involve numerous activities, which one of the following is NOT an outdoor activity listed in the book:

Watching wildlife
Visiting a health spa
Visiting a health spa
Which federal agency is responsible for administering wilderness preserves for public recreation use?
Forest Service
What amendment to the Constitution gives individual States' the power to develop education, welfare and health services?
Tenth Amendment
The smallest national park became a memorial in what year?
October 21, 1972
When "Parks in Peril" was written in 1997 how many park units were in the system?
What was the name of the expedition that determined in 1870 that Yellowstone was too important to commercialize? This comes from the article "Parks in Peril".
According to a Consumer Reports survey _____% of those polled said their trip to natural areas mostly or completely lived up to expectations. This is from "Parks in Peril".
In what year was the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness broadened to include sports and who was president at the time?
1968; Johnson
National Park Service
overcrowding, deteriorating parks
United States Forest Service
Mechanized travel
Bureau of Land Management
$800 million in revenues
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Most acres in Alaska
Tennessee Valley Authority
Land between the lakes
This federal program provides for a wide variety of programs addressing the needs of a broad spectrum of the population:
Health and Human Services
This agency administers the "small Parks Program":
Housing and Urban Development
The Tennessee Valley Authority's primary goal is operating recreation resources:
During the 1960's and 1970's much of the expansion of state parks was due to what program?
Land and Water Conservation Fund
State fairs are typically publically owned and operated:
What park and recreation designation is best described as bridging the gap between state and incorporated local governments?
Special Park Districts
Federal and state governments get their legal authority for legislative bodies. What provides for local governments to operate parks?
Enabling legislation
What are the four classes of federal land?
Multiple Use
Reserved Lands
Water Projects
Special Use Lands
Which of the following is not one of the four classes of federal land?

Game Reserves
Multiple Use
Reserved Lands
Water Projects
Special Use Lands
Game Reserves
Commercial recreation sponsors have to constantly seek and capitalize on recreation interests to keep their participation levels high to make a profit.
Which is the largest voluntary organization serving girls in the world?
Girl Scouts
Which type of organizational structure most likely has it's leadership trained in social work?
Which of the Non-Sectarian Youth Serving Organizations were founded in 1912?
Girl Scouts of America
Nonprofit agencies do not pay staff
In modern society, there are ______ different types of leisure-service organizations:
One way to recreation enterprises have involved children in activities is by building areas for children to play called family fun centers.
Which of the following is an issue facing YMCA's and YWCA's?

Not enough aggressive marketing,
Lawsuits from private organizations because of competition advantages,
Movement to affiliate with protestants
Lawsuits from private organizations because of competition advantages.
Which of the following is a recognized youth organization?

CYO: Catholic Youth Organization