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Suetonius 43

• Gave games of every kinds "surpassed all his predecessors in the frequency, variety, and magnificence of his public shows

• Gave games 4 times in own name, 23 for other magistrates who were away or lacked funds

Suetonius 44

• Segregation of different sections of seating • Makes sure senators have seats due to an "insult to a senator" where he did not get a seat

• Separated soldiery from people

• Excluded women except upper seats,

Suetonius 45

• Usually watched games with friends in upper rooms, sometimes from imperial box with wife and children

Sometimes absent but when present gave whole attention to performance, learned from Caesar who annoyed people by doing other things during games

Horace epistles 1.14

• States how a "common drudge" cries out for the city's material goods, rather than being happy like him with the "lovely views" of the country

• Interesting how it is vice that he claims draws people to city life (Aug's push for morality?)

Dio history 49.43.2

• As adile in 33BC Agrippa puts in "dolphins and egg- shaped objects" in circus maximus so people know how many laps have gone

Dio history 54.29.4

• When Agrippa dies in 12BC he leaves his gardens and baths to the people

• Gave Augustus some estates so that the people might pay free of charge

• Augustus gives these estates to the senate