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What are Somatic Stress

They are a related set of syndromes characterized
more by disability, symptoms, and suffering, than
by objective pathology

functional somatic syndromes, somatic stress disorders, illnesses of unknown origin; medically unexplained symptoms are other names for....

Somatic stress disorders

Somatic stress disorders include

1. Fibromyalgia
2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
3. Pseudoseizure in epilepsy
4. Silicone breast implant illness
5. Gulf War Unexplained illness
6. Toxic mould and Sick Building Syndrome
7. Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI) (Multiple chemical sensitivity)
8. Psychologically-based aspects of the post concussion syndrome

How do Individuals with Somatic Stress Disorders tend to view themselves?

These patients tend to view themselves as
severely disabled

What do individuals with Somatic Stress
Disorders tend to do (hint: Centrelink)?

They often apply for disability payments

In somatic stress disorders:

Demonstrable pathology vs. degree of disability?

The degree of disability is often out of proportion to that seen with patients with demonstrable pathology e.g. patients with heart disease, amputations, cancer or
rheumatoid arthritis.

The reported frequency of neurological symptoms in healthy


(Paniak et al, 2002) _ Fatigue 33%; headaches 58%; forgetfulness 58%; poor concentration 35%

Fatigue 33%

The reported frequency of neurological symptoms in healthy Controls:

Headaches and forgetfulness?


The reported frequency of neurological symptoms in healthy

Poor concentration?

Poor concentration 35%

Reported frequency of pain in community dwellers?


Pain 37%, back pain 32%; headache 25%; chest pain 25%; arm or leg pain 24%; abdominal pain 24%

People who view themselves as able bodied do not allow pain and neurological symptoms to...

Disable them.