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Influence in the whole empire (3) res gestae

1.Res gestae - saying he chose a king for armenia (client kingdom) then shows it is under his imperium

2.res gestae - copy listed below of achievements if the divine augustus by which he brought the whole city under the power of the roman people

3.resgestae while i was princeps, very many people have expereicned the good faith of the roman people, who had never previously exchanged embassies or had friendly relations with the roman people

Orbis et urbs sources (2)

Ovid: for the roman people, the space of the city and the world were one.

In forum, made milliarium aureum, GOLDEN MILESTONE

presenting victories: TRIPLE TRIUMPH (4)

COINS silver denarius - even if you weren't there, you were still reminded of it. Chariot at top of triumphal arch

Dio: at the consecration of the temple of Caesar, there were games

Dio: spoils of egypt, in such great quantities, that all spoils had been gathered there...egyptian celebration surpassed them all in colonies and magnificence.

Dio: shows off rhino, hippopotamus.

presenting victories: Parthian standards (what happened)

20 BC Augustus 'recovered' lost military standards from Parthia. Lost by Crassus.

Aug was campaigning in armenia, and parthians saw this and agreed diplomatic negotiations after seeing how powerful A was.

19 BC silver denarii made of parthian offering up roman legionary standards

Aug rode into city on horseback - was not in triumphal chariot but similar.

Parthian standards sources

Res gestae: I COMPELLED the parthians to restore me the standards of 3 roman armies (crassus, caesar, antony) ..those standards i deposited in the shirine of temple of mars ultor.

Dio: the parthian king, fearing that A would lead an expedition against him, sent back to him the standards and all the captives.

Augustus on triumphs

res gestae: when the senate decreed more triumphs for me, I declined them all.


AD 9 - 3 legions slaughtered in attempt to expand germany.

SUETONIUS: what A did to get the people back on board:

1. made sure a watch was kept at night in the city to avoid riots

2. prolongued terms for provincial governors so are experienced if riot occurs

3. vows GAMES if condition of the state will improve

goes into mourning behaviour (goesnt shave, cries) to show himself as 'father of the state'.