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You should play very

comfortably, shower, relax, play great music.

Before you play you should

do a 10 minute cs practice game

the 10 minute cs practice game improves your

laning mechanics and csing in general

All elos are

You should save your abilities for


Everything that goes wrong is

your fault, you should have done something different to stop it.

Think much less about

what you want, and more about what the enemies want.

You should learn the

movespeed, attack range, cooldown, and power spikes of your champion.

You should know where the

enemy jungler starts so you can base his location on your junglers location.

You should study

your game, when you die think of one thing you could have done better

Use chat to your

benefit, don't complain about toxic teamates.

when you back you should buy

2 wards

Picking champions that are easy to play will make your

base foundation for gameplay better

The 4 different types of ganking are

River, lane, enemy jungle, and behind turret.

inorder to prevent these you

ward river, ward lane, and ward raptors.

If all lanes seem mia

assume they are going to baron.

If you are split pushing and 5 are missing

assume they are either going baron or coming to gank you.

Inorder to split push you should

ward enemy jungle, and watch your map

The map should be glanced at after every


before trading or engaging

look at your map for mias, locate the jungler. If the jungler can not be located, do not engage or trade.

While analyzing your mistakes, you should

Use the 5 step who what where when why, process.