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Found in paints, pipes, and gasoline.

Lead poisoning can lead to kidney damage, metabolic interference, nervous system toxicity, and failure in red blood cell formation.

the amount of lead in water today is 2-3 degrees higher than the pre-industrial era.

EPA: action level for lead is 15ppb, anything greater than that requires immediate mitigation.


found in Paints, Dyes, preservatives, and pesticides.

CCL: Chlorinated Copper Arsenate: a preservative used to pressure treat lumber to withstand weather. the treated lumber is often found n playgrounds, where the arsenic has a chance of ended up in the soil around it. CCL is comprised of 22% As.

MSMA: a common chemical used on cotton fields. this arsenic based pesticide can leach into the soil and potentially end up in the ground water

Arsenic poisoning can cause gastro-intestinal and liver problems. skin tumors and skin cancer.

EPA: 10ppb or .01ppm


Found in non-ferrous smelting operations

can cause renal disease.

ocean fluxes have lead to a 60-80% increase in cadmium over natural levels

EPA: 5ppb or .005ppm


coal burning power plants and gold mining operations release mercury into the atmosphere.

in 2000, 2190 tons were released. 60-80& of mercury in the water is due to atmospheric processes.

for every 1kg of gold that is acquired, 1.32kg of mercury is released into the environment

Methyl Mercury: H3Hg

Dimethyl Mercury: (H3)2Hg

these are some of the worst neurotoxins in the environment. they lead to neurological disorders and death.

mercury can accumulate in fish. LA and MS have fish consumption advisory boards.

grouper: .55ppm

sea trout: .35ppm

Bluefish: .32ppm

Tuna (light): about .12ppm

Albacore: about .36ppm

71ppm of mercury is hazardous for children, pregnant women, or women who wish to become pregnant.

EPA: 2ppb, anymore is unsafe for consumption.