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most powerful hip flexor

iliopsoas (psoas major + iliacus)

origin of iliacus

iliac fossa

internal lip of iliac crest

lateral part of pelvic surface of sacrum

ventral sacroiliac and iliolumbar ligaments

innervation of iliacus

L2, L3 ventral rami

insertion of iliacus

lesser trochanter and femoral shaft

action of iliacus

major hip flexor

origin of psoas major

ventral fibers from IV discs and vertebral bodies T12-L5

dorsal fibers from inferior edges of transverse processes L1-L5

insertion of psoas major

lesser trochanter

innervation of posas major

L1-L3 ventral rami

action of psoas major

major hip/trunk flexor

blood supply to psoas major

lumbar branch of ilolumbar artery

origin of psoas minor

vertebral bodies and discs of T12 and L1

insertion of psoas minor

iliopubic eminence

innervation of psoas minor

L1 ventral rami

action and blood supply of psoas minor

weak trunk flexion

lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery

____provide stability to the hip joint anteriorly

psoas major and iliacus

nearly all blood to the lower extremity passes through the ______ arterial system

common iliac

terminal branches of the common iliac arteries

internal iliac and external iliac

Most of the blood to the lowerextremity is carried by the _______
external iliac artery (***becomes femoral artery as it passes deep to the inguinal ligament).
The ______ supplies the gluteal region, medial thigh, pelvis, and contributes to the blood supply of the hip andthe perineum.
internal iliac artery
Theexternal iliac gives off 2 branches
the inferior epigastric and the deep circumflex iliac artery.
Theinternal iliac artery has anterior and posteriordivisions.
Anterior divisions= inferior gluteal artery, obturator artery, and internal pudendal artery.

Posterior divisions= superior gluteal artery, lateral sacral, and iliolumbar.

gateways to the lower extremity from abdominopelvic cavity

1. SubinguinalSpace– space just underneath the inguinal ligamnet. (femoral vessels & nerve, lymphatics, Iliopsoas & pectineus)

2.ObturatorCanal– (obturator vessels & nerve)

3.Greater Sciatic Foramen– (superior and inferior gluteal vessels & nerves, sciatic nerve, pudendal nerve, internal pudendal vessels, posterior cutaneous nerveof the thigh, nerves to the small lateral rotators of the thigh, tendon of piriformis)

4.Lesser Sciatic Foramen– (pudendal nerve and internal pudendal vessels, tendon of obturator internus, nerve to obturator internus)