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reasonable force

-how much and what kind of force a reasonable officer of the same experience may use in a given circumstance

835(a) PC

-reasonable force

-an officer may use reasonable force to affect an arrest, prevent escape, overcome resistance, of a suspect

Graham v Connor

Objective reasonableness


-judged from prospective of reasonable officer given the officer's training/experience

-examined through the eyes of an officer on scene at the same time. (no hindsight)

-based of fact and circumstance and not officer intent or motivation

-recognizing established law


-the objective of use of force is to gain/maintain control of individual and situaton

additional gauges for reasonableness

-severity of the crime

-nature and extent of threat posed by the subject

-degree to which subject resists

-attempts made by subject to evade arrest or flight

reasonable officer standard

-would an officer with similar training, experience, and background, facing a similar circumstance, act in the same way, or make the same judgement?

pc 834(a)

whether legally detained or arrested, it is a subjects duty to refrain from resisting the officer's authority

pc 835

-an arrest is made by restraint of a person or submission to custody of officer. arrestee is subject to reasonable restraint for arrest and detention

pc 835(a)

-an officer may use force to affect an arrest, overcome resistance, prevent escape, of a person believed to have committed a public offense

agency policy

-always follow agency's policy and procedure

objectively reasonable force

-pertains to each specific situation and must be evaluated seperately

officer's gear

-uniforms-functionality, mobility, command presence



-body armor

factors affecting force selection

-police/public safety

-nature of resistance


-nature of offense

-physical, mental characteristics

-availability of assistance

-location, surroundings

force options

-chem, impact, tazer, dt, verbal, deadly force, body weapons, impact projectiles, carotid hold

PC 196

justifiable homicide when used of necessity

-in obedience of judgement of a competent court

-when necessarily committed in overcoming actual resistance to the execution of a legal process

-when retaking a felon or arresting a person charged wit a felony who is fleeing or resisting where deadly force is reasonable

Deadly force is not justified when...

dealing with a non violent felon or misdemeanant

sufficiency of fear

-reasonable fears as judged by a person in the same situation

-must not act on fear alone

-fear of gbi to self or public must be present

reasons for good reports

-memory, evidence, witnesses may become compromised over time waiting for trial

officer consequences

-PC 147 inhumanity

-PC 149 assault by officer

-PC 661 neglect

-PC 673 aid abet in detention facility

fed law

-18-242 criminal depriving of rights

-142-1983 civil depriving rights


-Caution, physical restraint, report

-verbal, physical, restraint, discussion, admonishment, training