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When did Mexico get their independence?
Dom Pedro
Portugal King's son who was left in charge of Brazil when the royal family left
What large area did Bolivar Free in 1822?
Gran Columbia
Who led the "Night of Fire"?
A slave named Toussaint L'Ouverture
Agustin de Iturbide
He led the revolution after Hidalgo. He declared independence in Mexico
When did Brazil get their independence?
What was the "Night of Fire"?
The night the slaves in Saint Domingue burned every piece of white property. It was the beginning of the fight for freedom in Latin America.
a political movement in which the people overthrow the government and set up a new one
"Cry of Dolores"
The cry for revolution by Hidalgo
A person born of Spanish descent but born in Latin America
How did Brazil get their independence?
Dom Pedro gave it to them
Simon Bolivar
The greatest revolutionary leader for Latin America
Miguel Hidalgo
Criollo priest who helped plan the revolution
What happened to Hidalgo?
He was executed July 1811
Why did more people follow Iturbide than Hidalgo?
Some people thought Hidalgo was a hothead and Iturbide was a criollo and an army officer
Prince Ferinand
The heir to the Spanish throne
When was the "Night of Fire"?
August 24, 1791
When did Haita get it's independence?
Who set the standard for Latin American leaders after winning independence?
How did Bolivar show disrespect to Prince Ferdinand?
He played badmitton with him and didn't let him win
Military officers who ruled very strictly
Who was known as the liberator?
Gran Columbia
Newly liberated area freed by Bolivar that included Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama
How did the American French revolutions influence events in Latin America?
It inspired them to fight for their freedom
Where did Portugal's royal family flee for help when the French armies invaded Spain and Portugal?
Jose San Martin
An Argentine who declared Chile's independence
When did Portugal admit Brazil was independent?
Which colony became independent without a war?
Who seized Lima?
San Martin
What did San Martin do after meeting Bolivar?
Gave up his command