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Second confiscation law passed by congress ordering the seizure of land from disloyal southernors and the emancipation of their slaves
Confiscation act
Decree announced by president abraham lincoln in september 1862 and formally issued on January 1, 1863, freeing slaves in all confederate states still in rebellion
Emancipation Proclamation
a shifting group of republican congressmen, usually a substantial minority, who favored the abolition of slavery from the beginning of the civil war and later advocated harsh treatment of the defeated south
Radical Republicans
Law passed by congress in may 1862 providing homesteads with 160 acres of free land in exchange for improving the land within five years of the grant
Homestead Act
Law passed by congress in july 1862 awarding proceeds from the sale of public lands to the states for the establishment of agricultural and mechanic colleges
Land Grant college act
A mostly Irish immigrant protest against conscription in new york city in july 1863 that escalated into class and racial warfare that had to be quelled by federal troops
New York Draft Period
constituitonal ammendment ratified in 1865 that freed all slaves throughout the united states
thirteenth ammendment
Advises Lincoln on his way to washington, warnin him of being shot
built on an island, much confusion as to what they will do when they run out of supplies
fort sumter
movie about union farmers staying in kentucky, raided by yankees
pharoahs army
supreme court justice, hater of anti-slavery, ruler in the dred scott case
slow leader of union army, thinks of his soldiers as his boys, wants to avoid death
has exact location of lee's whereabouts
lost order 54
leader in confederate army, faster than mclellan, invades N., wrecked confederacy
robert e. lee
leader in lee's army, was said to never penetrate so far into the north again
hardcore man of the war , shoots a bunch of yankees on his own, has two bullets removed without anesthetic
school teacher, takes to nasty warfare, go door to door, ask what they supported shoot them.
shot 30 union soldiers in the head
bloody bill anderson
becomes colonel does not panic on battlefield, good at manuevering
second in command under grant, people thought he was nuts
nasty prisoner of war camp, union soldiers held