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Toner Cartridge

Single replaceable unit which contains fine powder used to create images

Laser Scanning Assembly

Unit that contains the laser

High-Voltage Power Supply

Converts supplied current from AC to optimal voltage of DC to specific parts of pritner

Paper Transport Mechanism

  • Include transfer belt and separator pads which move paper through printer.
  • If duplexing, rollers flip paper and draw back through print mechanism

EP Drum

Electrostatic Photographic Drum

  • Carries electrical charge that attracts toner
  • Transfers toner to paper

Transfer Corona Assembly

  • Contains corona wires
  • Charges paper to attract toner and charges drum itself

Fuser Assembly

Applies pressure and heat to paper to adhere toner to paper

Formatter Board

  • Exposes/processes all data received from computer
  • Coordinates steps needed to produce finished page


LEDs can replace laser beam and print up to 420 pages per minute