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Organization in charge of construction specifications

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)


The standard specifications format for project manuals.

Section 0

Procurement and Contracting Requirements (Solicitation, instructions, title page, bid procedure, contractor qualifications)

Section 01

General Requirements (Summary of work, price and payment procedure, substitutions, administrative procedures, quality requirements, temporary conditions during construction

Section 2

Existing Conditions (Maintenance of existing conditions, conservation measures, site surveys and assessments, subsurface investigations, demolition, site remediation,)

Section 3


Section 4


Section 5


Section 6

Wood, plastics, and composites

Section 7

Thermal and Moisture Protection Includes roofing)

Section 8

Openings (Doors and Windows)

Section 9


Section 10

Specialties (Amenities like chalkboards, storage, Signs, mostly interior architectural stuff)

Section 11

Equipment (includes vehicle and pedestrian equipment like car servicing, parking gates, loading dock bumpers, pedestrian turnstyles, food services, AV, athletic equipment, playfield equipment and structures, medial and mortuary)

Section 12


Section 13

Special Construction (Swimming pools, ice rinks, planetariums, aquariums, kennels, greenhouses)

Section 14

Conveying equipment (Dumbwaiters, escalators, lifts, turntables, etc)

Section 21

Fire suppression

Section 22

Plumbing (Interior mostly, does include swimming pool and fountain plumbing)

Section 23


Section 25

Integrated Automation

Section 26

Electrical (Includes some specialty lighting we may use like exterior LED lighting, helipad and security lighting, sports field lighting)

Section 27


Section 28

Electronic Safety and Security

Section 31


Section 32

Exterior Improvements (Most of our stuff, including pavements)

In what specification section are concrete pavements?

Section 32: Exterior improvements

Are asphalt and concrete in the same section?

In the same general section (32), but different subsections (asphalt=flexible paving, concrete=rigid paving)

What section contains unit paving?

Section 32, under a separate unit paving subsection from rigid concrete paving

In what section are retaining walls?

Section 32 32

In what section are site furnishings?

Section 32 33

Section 33


Section 34

Transportation (operation and work results for roadways, bridges, railways, airports, transportation signals, etc)

Section 35

Waterway and Marine Construction

Section 40

Process Interconnections

Section 41

Material Processing and Handling Equipment

Section 42

Process Heating, Cooling, and Drying Equipment

Section 43

Process Gas and Liquid Handling, Purification, and Storage Equipment

Section 44

Pollution and Waste Control Equipment

Section 45

Industry-Specific Manufacturing Equipment

Section 46

Water and Wastewater Equipment

Section 48

Electrical Power Generation