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Contents of bid document set
Bid documents
- Invitation to bid
- Instructions to bidders
- bid form
- bid bond form
- addenda
Contract forms
- contract agreement
- performance bond
- payment bond
Contract conditions
- general conditions
- supplementary conditions
- wage rates

- specifications
- drawings, design details and schedules (contract drawings)
Fee Schedule (considerations for consultants pricing)
-Time schedule (period which work is to be completed
-task breakdown (hours, staff, products required)
-overhead (admin staff, office, equipment, prospecting time)
-expenses (travel, printing costs)
-consultants fees - project management
CSI Uniform system
1. General requirement
2. Site work
3. Concrete
4. Masonry
5. Metals
6. Wood and plastics
9. Finishes
10. Specialties
11. Equipment
12. Furnishings
13. Special construction
15. Mechanical
16. Electrical
Required elements of a legal contract
- agreement
- competent parties
- consideration (something bargained for)
- lawful purpose (capable of enforcement)
- form (contractual validity)
Contract between LA and owner
- agreement (between who and date)
- project description (where)
- scope of work (components of project)
- scope of LAs services (what LA is to undertake)
Info provided by the owner
- topography
- legal description of property
- soil tests and other data
- project programme
- budget
LA fee structure options
- time plus expenses
- % of construction costs, plus expenses
- fixed fee or hourly to a fixed fee
Sections of a contract
Project description
Scope of work
Liability & limitations insurance
Effective date
Judicial jurisdiction
Clarifying use of documents