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The study of earth and the ways people use it
Natural features of the earth's surface, such as a hill, plain, mountain, plateau, and valley
A large, mostly flat area of land that rises above the surrounding land
Ice Age
A period of time when the earth was colder than it is today
A huge sheet of ice and snow that moves very slowly across the land's surface.
A valley with steep rocky sides.
A stream or river that flows into a larger river. Example: Mohawk River
An arm of the sea.
Example: Hudson River
Half of a globe. We live in the Northern and Western Hemispheres.
Any one of the seven largest land areas on Earth. We live in North America.
A large area with features that make it different from other areas. We Live in the Northeast Region.
Physical Feature
A feature of land such as a mountain or river.
Human Feature
Something built by humans, such as a city.
The way of life of a group of people.
What two Great Lakes border New York State?
Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
What is a natural wonder in New York State?
Niagara Falls
What is the highest mountain in New York State called?
Mount Marcy
In which two hemispheres, continent and country is New York located?
Northern and Western Hemispheres, North America is the continent. United States of America is the country.
In what three (3) ways dis the glaciers change the land of New York?
They carved the valleys.
They formed the lakes.
They rounded off the tops of hills.