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What are the basic colors of a map and what do they stand for?
Blue-water and water features
Black-man made objects
Brown-contour lines, elevation and relief.
What are military symbols?
Figures used to represent types of military organizations, installations and activities.
What is meant by declination?
The angular distance between true north and either magnetic north or grid north.
What is vertical distance?
The distance between the highest and lowest points measured.
If a map is to be effective, what information is consulted?
Marginal data.
Where is the Legend of a map found?
Lower Left Margin.
How is a lensatic compass held?
Level, firm and away from metal such as weapons and electrical devices.
What is the basic rule for readin coordinates off a map?
Read right and up from the left hand corner.
How close does an eight-digit grid coordinate locate a point?
To the nearest ten meters.
What does the graphic scale tell you?
It is the rule by which map distances can be measured as actual ground distance.
Which North is used when using a military map?
Magnetic north when using a compass, and grid north when using the map.
What is the name of the map system that the u.s uses?
Universal Traverse Mercator grid system.
What are the three tpes of conrour lines?
Index, intermediate and supplementary.
What is a contour interval?
The vertical distance between contour lines.