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what is a volcano?
an opening in the ground where hot liquid shoots out.
what is humus?
decayed plant and animal matter that makes earth's soil rich in minerals.
where does soil come from?
what is lava?
liquid rock on the ground
name two changes to earth's surface that are quick.
volcanos and earthquakes
what is erosion?
the breaking up and moving of weathered rock from one place to another.
What are four forces of nature that change earth's surface?
wind, glaciers, weathering, earthquakes
what is soil?
the loose material that covers much of earth's surface.
what is a drought?
a long period without rain.
what is topsoil?
a mixture of weathered rock and humus.
what are some uses of rock?
building homes etc.
what is humus?
decayed plant and animal matter
what is the most important role of soil?
to support living things
where does weathered rock go?
1. Some is left along the sides of the river.
2. the rest is carried to the mouth or opening of the river.
3. over time weathered materials build up earth's land surface.
is earth's surface always changing?
what is a glacier?
a large mass of slow moving ice.
what are some causes of erosion?
the loss of plants of an area. the roots of plants hold soil in place. when plants can no longer grow in an area the wind can blow the soil away.
what is an earthquake?
a sudden movement of large sections of rock beneath earth's surface.
what is more useful and important as a resource gold or soil?
what is magma?
liquid rock inside the earth.