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What two letters are silent in the word "flight"?
g, h
What letter is silent in the word ghost?
Find the action word in this sentence: "Kate eats too much."
Which words need capital letters:
"I was born in Montana."?
I and Montana
What punctuation mark appears in all contractions?
An apostrophe '
Arrange these words in alphbetical order: lazy, lady, late
lady, late, lazy
Rearrange the letters in "spin" to make three new 4 letter words.
nips, pins, snip
What punctuation mark ends a sentence that asks a question?
A question mark
Correct this sentence: "My sister are older than Jim."
My sister is older than Jim.
Which word needs a capital letter: toy, tim, or tank?
Say the words that rhyme in this sentence: "The deer was near."
deer, near
Correct this sentence: "I sing good"
I sing well.
What food can you spell with the letters in the name Eric?
How many syllables are in the word "entertainment"?
Four. en-ter-tain-ment
Which animal comes first in a dictionary: alligator or crocodile?
Which contraction means "would not": wouldn't, won't, weren't?
Add a prefix to "possible" to form a word that means the opposite.
Im (impossible)
Which fruit comes first in a dictionary: lemon or lime?
Spell the plural of "box"
b-o-x-e-s (boxes)
How many "s" are in the word "glasses"?
Which is a sentence?
1. My dog.
2. This is my dog.
This is my dog.