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what manification is scanner?
what manification is low power?
what manification is high power?
ex/ of ph method that is qualitative
lithmus paper
ex/ of ph method that is quantiative
pH paper
what is dehydration synthesis?
building molecules by taking water out
what is hydrolysis?
split atoms apart by adding water
iodine is used when testing for what? & what is the original color?
starch; amber
which molecules are polymers?
carbs, proteins, nucleic acids.
what are polysaccharides?
polymers formed by binding monosaccharides
what color does starch turn when chemical mix is positive?
how do you know if the chemical reaction is pos?
the color will change
what indicator is used when testing for glucose & orgin coor?
benedicts; turquoise
what idicator is used to test or proteins & what is orig color?
biuret; royal blue>blue/purp
what color does pos glucouse test become?
orange(opposite of blue)
what is triglyceride?
bonding of 1 glycerol & 3 fatty acids
what chemical mixes & stains lipids?
sudan 3
what chemical creates emulsion btwn water & lipids
veggie oil, water & bile salts
what part of starches molecule changes during reaction?
enters center of 3D coil
what part of proteins molecule changes during reaction?
peptine bond
what type of cell is an animal cell?
eukaryotic (has nucleus)
what is a nucleus?
membrane-bound structure; contains DNA (genetic moleule)
what is plasma membrane?
membrane that forms boundary for cells &acts as selective barrier to molecules into & out of cell
what does a white blood cell contain?
nucleus & cytoplasm
what is cytoplasm?
semifuid in cell membrane
what structures are found in epithelium cells?
cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus.
name type of animal cell (eukaryotic)
squamous eplithelium, human blood, nervous tissue, cartilage, skeletal muscle
which animal cell lacks a neuclus?
red blood cell
what is cell membrane?
forms a barrier between the inside of the cell and the outside
what does a red blood cell contain?
what is found inside cartilage cells?
what is found inside skeletal muscles
muscle fiber, striation & nucleui
what is the function of squamous epithelial?
protect underlying cells or tissue
what is the function of human red blood cells?
transport oxygen throughout circulatory system.
what is the function of human white blood cells?
defend body from infection
what is the function of skeletal muscle?
cause movement of bones at joints
what is the function of cartilage?
provide flexible support.
eg. nose, outer ear, trachae
what is the function of neuron?
receptor of stimuli & conducts impluses to muscles & grandular system
explain the role of red cabbage extract & bromothymol blue
the reaction color determines the pH level .
explain the role of pH buffers
keeps pH stable-takes up excess H+ & OH-
diff between animal cells & plant cells
plants have
1.cell wall
2.plastid organelles ex/chloroplasts(photsynthesis)
3 large central vacuole (stores water)
what is osmosis?
diffusion of molecules thru semi-permiable membrane
what does it mean to have a semi permiable membrane?
membrane allows small molecules to enter & leave
and blocks big ones
what is a solvent
liquid that dissolves the solute
what is solute?
substance that dissolves in liquid solvent producing a solution
the greater the concentration of a molecule the ____
slower its rate of difussion
what is the Law of Diffusion?
whenever a semi-permeable membrane seperates unequal water concentration; water in high concentration move out to areas of low concentration
what is osmosis?
the movement of water in high concentration move out to areas of low concentration
a solution of higher solute concentration has _____ concentration of water & is called?
lesser; called HYPERtonic
when water concentrations are equal it is?
a solution of lower solute concentration has _____ concentration of water & is called?
more water concentration & called HYPOtonic
what is plasmolysis
as plant lose water (in hypertonic solution) it shrivels & plasma membrane pulls away from cell wall.
what is cytoplasm?
semi fliud substance in cell
what is the nucleus of a cell?
membrane-bound structure that contains the DNA.
what is a matrix?
ground substance
what is a cell plasma membrane?
srrounds cell forming the outer boundary
a nerve cell is also called?
a neuron
what do animal cells have that plant cell don't?
1 -lysosome
what do plant cells have that animal cells don't?
1. central vacuole
2. chloroplast
3. cell wall
4. plasmodesma