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Many male clients are looking for added_____fullness style and low maintenance that only a perm can provide


In order to make a smooth transition from the rolled section of the head to an unrolled section use a larger tool for the last tool next to an unrolled section when giving a

Partial perm

When performing a procedure for a preliminary test curl wrap one tool in each different area of the head including the top the side and the


The ____wrap is done at an angle that causes the hair to spiral along the length of the tool like the grip on a tennis racquet


The___wrap Is used to prevent noticeable splits and to blend the flow of the hair

Bricklayer permanent

Permit only a section of a whole head of hair is called

Partial perming

The measurement of the thickness or thinness of a liquid that affects how the fluid flows is known as


Metallic salts leave a coating on the hair that may cause ____severe discoloration or hair breakage

Uneven curls

Chemical bonds that join amino acids together to form polypeptide chains are _____bonds


In neutralization the band's in the hair are reformed


An ___liquid protein conditioner can be applied to the hair and dried under a warm dryer for 5 minutes or more prior to neutralization if hair is damaged


Relatively weak physical side bonds that are the result of an attraction between opposite charges are___bonds


If the hair is not ___the hydrogen peroxide in the neutralizer can react with waving lotion and cause the hair color to lighten

Rinsed properly

Neutralization rebuilds the___ by removing the extra hydrogen bonds created by the waving lotion

Disulfide bonds

Some manufacturers recommend the application of a ____after blotting and before application of the neutralizer

Preneutralizing conditioner

Always rinse perm solution from the hair for at least ____minutes before applying the neutralizer


The length reof time required for the hair strand to absorb the waving lotion and for the a hair to recur is called

Processing time

In permanent waving most of the processing takes place as soon as the solution penetrates the hair withing the first ___mins

5 to 10

Underprocessingis caused by ___processing time of the waving lotion


If too many ___bonds are broken in the perming process the hair will be too weak to hold a firm curl


What can be used to determine the actual processing time needed to achieve optimum curl results when giving perm for the first time on a client?

Preliminary test curl

When one end paper is folded in half over the hair ends like a envelope it is called the

Book end wrap

When you place one end wrap on top of the hair strand and hold it flat it is called the

Single flat wrap

End wraps are absorbent papers used to ___of the hair when wrapping and winding hair on the perm tools

Control ends

When the strand of hair is wrapped at an angle 90 degrees (perpendicular )to its base section it will result in

Half off base placement

When the strand of hair is wrapped at an angle 45 degrees beyond perpendicular to its base section it will result in

On base placement

The ___wrap uses zigzag parting to divide base areas

Weave technique

The ___ wrap creates a movement that curves within section out panels

Curvature permanent

The basic perm is also called a ____wrap

Straight set

Base control refers to the position of the tool in relation to its___and is determined by the angle at which the hair is wrapped

Base section

All perms wraps begin by sectioning the hair into panels which are further divided into subsections called

Base sections

What type of hair requires more processing than medium of fine hair and may also be more resistant to processing

Coarse texture

What type of hair is more fragile easier to process and more susceptible to damage from perm services ?

Fine texture

___Rods have small diameter in the center area and gradually increase to their largest diameter at the ends resulting in a tighter curl at the hair ends with a loose wider curl at the scalp


Straight rods are equal in


When hair has assumed the desired shape the broken disulfide bonds must be ___rebonded


The chemical action of ___breaks the disulfide bonds and softens the hair

Waving lotion

Bonds that are formed when the sulfur atoms in two adjacent polypeptide chains are joined together are___


A perm activated by an outside heat source usually a conventional hood dryer is known as____


Polypeptide chains are long chains of amino acids joined together by

Peptide bonds

The perm that is activated by heat created chemically within the product is known as


Waves that process more quickly and produce firmer curls than true acid waves are considered to be

Acid balanced

Hair texture describes the ___of a single strand of hair and is classified as fine medium or coarse


Keratin proteins are made of long chains of ____linked together end to end like beads

Amino acids

A method of wrapping a permanent wave that is suitable for very long hair is the

Double tool technique

If hair breaks under very slight strain it has

Little or no elasticity

The action of waving lotion is to

Expand the hair

The degree of which hair absorbs the waving lotion is related to its


The Mai active ingredient in acid balanced waving lotion is


The main active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline perms is

Ammonium thioglycolate