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First Degree Murder
1. Specific intent to kill or cause Great Bodily Harm; and
2. while committing an enumerated felony; or
3. fireman, murder for hire, V= <12 or >65, perp engaged in ritualistic acts, no-contact order b/w perp & V, or V or family member is a witness
enumerated felonies for first degree murder
kidnapping: agg or 2d degree
agg escape
agg arson
rape:agg or forcible
agg burglary
robbery: armed, 1st, or simple
drive- by shooting
Second Degree Murder
1. Specific intent to kill or cause great bodily harm
2. death during all of 1st enumerated felonies and cruely to juveniles
3. death caused by ingestion of drugs
murder with sudden passion caused by adequate provocation or
unintentional murder while unenumerated felony, int'l misdemeanor against the person, or resisting lawful arrest
Negligent Homicide
Killing by criminal negligence (gross deviation from the standard of care)
violation of statute presumptive evid. of neg.
Vehicular Homicide
perp operating vehicle/boat/ plane under the influence of drugs/ alcohol
Criminal assistance to suicide
advising or encouraging OR providing means w/ knowledge of use
1st: like 2d degree murder
2d: like manslaughter
3d: like negligent hom. and vehicular homicide
partial birt abortion